This is the first English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English sailing dictionary published in Hungary that includes the words and terms of fields related to sailing at sea such as charter contract, formalities, parts, equipment and accesories, engines, electricity, electronics and maintenance of sailing yachts, sailing, navigation, weather forecast and marine communication).

The dictionary is devided into two parts: (I) dictionary and (II) marine communication. Part II includes an extract from the Standard Marine Communication Phrases by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and the Hungarian language translation thereof, which might be necessary for skippers of pleasure craft at the seven seas. To facilitate the request of medical advice, this part of the dictionary includes some standard phrases and their Hungarian language translation based on the Medical part of the International Code of Signals (INTERCO) by IMO.

Number of copies: 1000 (numbered)
Dimensions:: 150 x 202 mm 
Number of pages: 290
Cover: paper boards
Paper: coated paper 
Binding: sewn
Published by: Zoltán Nagy
Year of publication: 2009