Gale warning system

Along the shore of Balaton there is a gale warning system based on weather forecast and consisting of 24 stations giving the following light signals:

Level 1 - Uninterrupted flashing yellow light with a rate of 45 flashes/minute, meaning that a strong breeze with a wind speed of approx 45 km/h (Bo6) is expectable within 3 hours.

Level 2 - Uninterrupted flashing yellow light with a rate of 90 flashes/minute, meaning that gale with a wind speed of at least 60 km/h (Bo7 or above) is expectable within a half an hour.

Beaufort scale at Lake Balaton

Force Description Mean wind speed (knots) Sea state in open water
0 Calm 0 - 1 Mirror-like water.
1 Light air 2 - 6 Ripples form on the water without crests.
2 Light breeze 7 - 11 Short wavelets with glass-like crests and some wavelets with whitecaps, which do not break.
3 Gentle breeze 12 - 19 Large wavelets, the crests of which are beginning to break.
4 Moderate breeze 20 - 29 Longer waves begin to form more whitecaps.
5 Fresh breeze 30 - 38 Medium-sized longer waves with whitecaps, and some of which are sending spray into air.
6 Strong breeze 40 - 49 High waves with foamy whitecaps.
7 Near gale 50 - 61 Near gale
8 Gale 62 - 72 High and long waves, crests break, and the foam is drifting in remarkable streaks.
9 Strong gale 73 - 85 High breaking waves, foam streaks are drifting; the crest of waves begins to overhang; spray begins to limit visibility.
10 Storm 86 - 100 High waves with overhanging crests; foam is drifting in large patches and close streaks; the water surface is getting white, the crest overhanging becomes trembling; visibility is decreasing;
11 Violent storm 101 - 115 Very high waves, the water surface is covered by long white foam patches in the wind direction; the crest of the waves are churning everywhere; limited visibility.
12 Hurricane above 116 The air becomes full of foam and spray; the blown spray makes the water surface white; visibility is strongly decreasing.