Since you are reading this page I think that you would like to come to Hungary to charter a sailboat at the Hungarian Sea, at Lake Balaton. To really enjoy your sailing at Lake Balaton without any problem, you should have some basic information about specialities related to sailing at Balaton. I have made up this Balaton guide in order to help you get the necessary information you might need during sailing at the waters of the Lake.

This guide includes the most important rules of the road at Lake Balaton and the typical weather conditions prevailing around the Lake. Your communication with Hungarian charter companies and yachtsmen can be made easier by using the English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English on-line sailing dictionary including the most essential English and Hungarian charter- and sailing-related words. This vocabulary is based on the English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English Charter Dictionary published in 2009. Additionally, links direct you to other websites, where you can get more useful information about sailing and Lake Balaton. Should you have any question or request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a good time at the Hungarian Sea and fair winds!